The so-called True Spirit referred to a magic weapon evolving the sun, moon, stars, heaven, earth and the dual modes to the peak, producing a spiritual nature. It was comparable to a Demon Beast opening to wisdom and assuming human form. A magic weapon in itself was also capable of transforming into a body of True Spirit, however, these True Spirit bodies really were not like genuinely transforming into a human. At most, taking human form could let the magic weapon’s power increase, and in the case that Divine Intent was injected, it was incapable of being forcibly captured. Granted that even if the cultivator died, the magic weapon’s True Spirit also would not entirely disappear.

However, the magic weapon True Spirit’s realm had an extremely great power. That was the cultivator could pour their own Divine Intent into the True Spirit, changing directions into becoming the most magical of Liangshan’s mysteries –  External Incarnation.

Magic weapons that generated a True Spirit nevertheless were extremely few. On one hand, in the case a magic weapon had been imbued with Divine Intent, even if it gained awareness, prior connections were no longer possible with a True Spirit. A few cultivators attempted to not cultivate magic weapons into producing True Spirit. Relying on Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to form could also allow magic weapons to reach the True Spirit Realm, but the required time needed more than a hundred years, which was far too long. Currently, the most well-known True Spirit magic weapon was Emperor Liang’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords. His seventy-two flying swords already could reach the True Spirit Realm, becoming the Outer Heaven Fairies. It was precisely by relying on this supreme feat that he became the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one; but Emperor Liang’s Flying Sword True Qi nevertheless was from comparison to a magic weapon’s True Spirit. Because Flying Swords were nurtured with a cultivator’s life, producing a True Spirit was not a rare thing. The talented often could reach the Flying Sword True Spirit stage at Supervoid Stage.[1]

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  • The True Spirit magic weapon already had intelligence. To capture it, the sole method was to defeat the magic weapon’s True Spirit. Otherwise, they would be killed by the True Spirit.


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