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Wang Jingzhi is 104th ranked Star Maiden.


A graceful young lady wearing a flax short skirt, boots, a cloak, and she had green hair. One hand grasped a stick, the other held wine. The skin of her thighs was a satiny snow white that would make others drool. As a result of the Star Duels’ beginning stages, young girls simply just became the most dangerous existences. At first glance, Su Xing even thought she was a Star General, but he saw her cultivation was also Nebula Middle Stage.[1]


She is seen acting obnoxious in a bar Shu Xing appears before the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline event begins. She is then seen stealthily taking the Astral Treasure from a group who killed the monster. Although Shi Yuan attempts to catch her, she is unable to as she loses sight of her.

She is also mentioned to have snatched away the Purple Star Grade Birth Treasure Outline from Gongsun Huang. She is captured by Song Qingci's Uprising group and forced to join.

Qingci and Uprising see Su Xing again when they try to take the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon whilst the chaos amongst the Ten Great Sects, Su Xing's Group, and Lady Snake Scorpion. They ultimately fail to obtain it, losing out to Su Xing.


The speed of the Living Goddess of Lightning Flash Jump is very swift. To be capable of high-speed movement, to hide from pursuers is very simple.[2]


  • She is fan of Purple Thunder Monster.
  • The Vermilion Bird Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline has been stolen by her.[3]