The White Tiger Territory was Liangshan Continent’s most mysterious as well as most dangerous place. That place was a vast trillion li, rich in Demon Beasts. The Azure Dragon Territory, Vermilion Bird Territory and the Black Turtle Territory’s Demon Beasts were not very common to see, but the White Tiger Territory’s Demon Beasts honestly were too numerous to count. Often, there would be cultivator teams formed to go treasure hunt in the White Tiger Territory, but that place was in extreme lack of spiritual influences. Seventh and Eighth Rank Demon Beasts could be seen anywhere that encounters were practically slaughters. Surviving cultivators’ rumors added more terror to the White Tiger Territory, thus everyone believed the White Tiger Territory was the habitat of Wasteland Beasts from the Prehistoric era. Those that dared go could be counted on the fingers. However, it was said that if one could walk out of the White Tiger Territory’s “Eight Wastelands And Thousand Ancients,” he could arrive at the legendary Star World.[1]

Demon Beasts were everywhere in the White Tiger Territory. Some of them refining into people was not news, but compared to the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Kings, they were even more worthy of the word “Demonic.” Demon Beasts transformed into human shape became True Spirits, possessing their own Life-cast powers cultivators could not match.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Star Masters from this territory are mostly shapesbifting monsters.


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