Found by Ruan Hongxue in Silent Path, later given to Su Xing aftwr he saved her.[1]

Appearance Edit

A pearl, its entire body brilliant, a cool breeze blowing gently, but it was a powerful Spirit Treasure, capable of avoiding evil winds.[2]

History Edit

In actuality, how could Su Xing have known that this Wind Settling Pearl indeed was Ruan Hongxue’s extremely previous item. When she originally lent it to Su Xing and said she picked it up from the Silent Path, she had only suddenly thought of fooling him, to observe how he would react. According to Ruan Hongxue’s mind, the Wind Settling Pearl was a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, priceless. Any Star Cultivator that saw it would not be unmoved. Hence, she misled Su Xing with “picked up in the Silent Path” because she wanted to know whether or not Su Xing would return the Wind Settling Pearl to her after he returned.

If ordinary cultivators heard Ruan Hongxue’s words, eight or nine out of ten would take it for themselves. Since you picked it up, even if we actually took it for ourselves, you would have no choice. Ruan Hongxue actually hoped Su Xing would truly do this. On one hand, this was good for shattering the image of Su Xing being a life-saving benefactor. On the other, she just so happened to be able to take revenge on Su Xing, to give him a bad reputation in the Four Styles School.

But she had not anticipated that not long after, Su Xing would then come to Fire Cloud Peak. Moreover, that he was hardly reluctant to return the Wind Settling Pearl. This truly infuriated Ruan Hongxue to gnashing her teeth, nevertheless, she had a favorable impression within. This Wind Settling Pearl was not too useful to Ruan Hongxue, and it was for this reason that she wanted to give it to Su Xing, which counted as a completed transaction.

How could Su Xing bother to go wondering about why Ruan Hongxue’s mood was so complicated. He currently had many Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, and he had also obtained the Empress Tu Earth Book, so he naturally disdained to go blackmail this sort of thing. Seeing that Ruan Hongxue’s attitude shifted, Su Xing only took it to be that saving a life was more meritorious than building a seven story pagoda.[1]


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