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Your Servant is here, how could she allow you to humiliate Lord Husband!
Wu Siyou to Enviless of the East[1]

Wu Siyou is 14th ranked Star Maiden.


The young girl’s air was like a serene orchid, her mien absolutely beautiful, a pair of slender eyes like the deep, starry skies, and wearing a kind of expression that was close to tranquil waters, she was fully stunning. Her brows were like smoke, and her purple-red lips reflected the sun; wearing a black patterned beautiful dress as well as a Demon Lotus Cloak, and with breasts that were like clouds, her graceful figure was without a match. That slender pair of legs had rarely seen leather armor boots, and particularly that satiny black hair that poured down to her butt. It was just like an upside-down Milky Way flying down three thousand chi, which made people feel suffocated.

The girl was graceful, cold, just like a black lotus that bloomed among white ones. Noble and brimming with rejection, this strangeness made people incapable of looking up, only stealing admiring glances. She was exceedingly cool and elegant.[2]

A type of incomparably frightening and dignified beauty. That flowing, graceful black hair, her resplendent and deep starry eyes, and her fair figure, she had a beauty that overthrew kingdoms, and it simply was as inconceivable as a dream.[3]

Her figure was slim, bound in a long skirt and a cloak. Black and silver soft armor protected her body, and there was a longsword worn at her waist as well as Divine Moon Phoenix Shoes adorned the pilgrim’s feet. Her silky long hair fluttered slowly in the breeze, thin strands of long silk. At a glance, it seemed to be floating in a stream of wind.

The girl’s complexion was also absolutely beautiful, her pupils cold and breathtaking. [4]


She is first seen battling a group of cultivators after they propose to make a star convenant with her. After ridiculing and defeating them, she is approached by Lu Xiao, who informs her Lin Yingmei, her sworn sister, has contracted with someone. Wu Siyou claims she will kill Lin Yingmei's master as she would never sign a Maiden Convenant with anyone unless she was forced to.

Knowing Su Xing would participate in the Purple Star Grade Birth Outline event, she claims she would kill him then.

She, along with Lu Xiao, aid Su Xing after he steals the Heaven Tearing Dragon from the Ten Great Sects. She also proposes, as an exuse, to test Su Xing's qualifications to be with his sworn sister by going to the Long Blood Stronghold together, serving to allow time Lin Yingmei to recover and to help mislead the Ancestors of the Ten Great Sects from Su Xing's group.

Wu Siyou apparently was unable to break free of the previous Wu Song’s fetters and because of that she didn't sign contract with Su Xing although they already had deep connection.

At the end of novel, she climbs to Maiden Mountain with Su Xing.



  • Light Shifting Mirror


  • To address her best friend’s contractor as Lord Husband, Wu Siyou’s heart had a sort of betrayal feeling. Although she knew that Lin Yingmei would not necessarily care, Wu Siyou’s heart still was not too comfortable.[5]
  • She refers self-derogatory to herself as 'Your Concubine' (Your Servant) because she does not want to let other men approach her.[6]
  • The Harm Star Wu Song’s Innate Skill was the Pilgrim’s Array. Normal arrays or spider silk basically were incapable of obstructing Wu Siyou.[7]
  • Su Xing saw her naked while she was taking a bath.[8]
  • She calls her Star Beast 'Little White'.[8]
  • She recognized Su Xing as her Lord Husband.[9]