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Star Knights all only wish to serve a good master, and I have finally found my perfect one. I beg Lin sister to forgive me. It’s a shame that Star Masters cannot make two contracts at the same time, if not, I would also be willing to serve Master alongside Lin Chong sis… At that time, I promise I will return you your freedom, though I will have to offend you for now.
Wu Xinjie to Lin Yingmei[1]

Wu Xinjie is third ranked Star Maiden.

A Star General that is deeply impressed by Su Xing’s intelligence. She is his second Star General. Her aliases include “Resourceful Star” (智多星) and Wu Yong (吴用). She is the Knowledge Star (天机星). Her weapon appears to be a copper chain which she supplements with thrown talismans. Previously translated as “Wu Xinxie.”

The Knowledge Star acting as the Liangshan Maiden’s third seat naturally had her original place. Besides being exceedingly resourceful, she was the champion in understanding the specialties of the hundred and eight stars. Generally speaking, Star Generals could only comprehend their Dark Rank Tactics approximately at the Third Stage “Evil Smiting Hall,” but the First Stage was sufficient for the Knowledge Star.

Acting as the strategic Star General in a war, the Knowledge Star’s magic was sufficient enough to reverse the course of the war. 


She was wearing what seemed to be a short green skirt, only about knee-high in length, which showed off her smooth, long pair of legs which were wrapped in white socks.[2]


Sly and calculative. She acts charming and seductive in Su Xing's presence. She teases the women around Su Xing with suggestive comments.


She came running to Su Xing while he was bathing, running away from Blossom Steel Tiger and she introduced to him under name Song Lu.[2] After Su Xing is able to decipher the Mountain Lake Riddle, she saw Su Xing as the kind of master she sought. She made a plan to get rid of Lin Yingmei by helping Gou Zi capture her and suggests to him a technique that would dissolve her contract with Su Xing. She does this to replace Lin Yingmei as it believed a Star Master can have only one Star General. When she puts her plan in action, she miscalculates Su Xing's personality, and gets immediately rejected. As she saw nothing could be done, Wu Xinjie helped him save Lin Yingmei. Su Xing forgives her but requests she leaves. She kisses him and unexpectly signs his second Star General, Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie.

Throughout the journey, she serves as the strategist of the team, planning out the locations they have to travel to to reach their goals and helping in critical moments during battles.

At the end of novel, she climbs to Maiden Mountain with Su Xing.




  • She solved Absolute For All Eternity verse from Earth.[3]
  • She gave Su Xing a blowjob, performing the Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering technique Su Xing gave her.[4]
  • Luckily, after capturing the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, the price of losing her virginity was negated.[5]
  • The current her and Su Xing had already developed to the Perfect Harmony Realm that Star Maidens and Star Masters practically could never reach.[6]
  • Xinjie is extremely promiscuous, often enjoying her sisters while in the bedroom with Su Xing.



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