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Everyone says Star Generals protect the contractor, yet Zhenyuan actually wants to do the opposite.
Xie Zhenyuan to Bing Qingxuan[1]

Xie Zhenyuan was called Azure Dragon Territory's number one Star Master. One reason came from his strength, and the other judged from the background behind him, so much so that people felt the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one school’s stunning genius certainly had to be a fierce star of outstanding martial force. However, these people’s fantasies returned to being fantasies. Who would have thought things would be completely the opposite.


An elegant man with a majestic appearance.


Sly and ruthless. He was hiding his first Star General, Yang Luoshi until the last phase of Star Duels. In order to accomplish his goals, he is willing to sacrifice his Star Generals.


Yang Luoshi is Xie Zhenyuan's first Star General. Huo Ruolan resembles his little sister so he accepted her and they unexpectedly signed contract. Because of Yang Luoshi's innate ability to stay in Star Nest, Xie Zhenyuan acted as a genius with trash Star General until the Three Heavenly Books phase of Star Duels when he killed Bing Qingxuan.


  • Reason why Xie Zhenyuan has Late Galaxy Stage cultivation only three years after beginning of Star Duels is that Xie Zhenyuan has Heavenly Spirit Grade Token, and it was several months after the Star Duels began that he obtained it.