Yan Wudao is a Star Master described as being at the level of a monster. [1]Ihe is very powerful, and for this Birth Outline, the Lifeless Hall has exhausted their funds for him. It is reasonable to say that for his being at Galaxy Late Stage, robbing and killing the Birth Outline should not be so difficult.[2]

This guy was frightening, as expected. Without mentioning this exaggerated Galaxy Late Stage Cultivation, he unexpectedly dared to fight a Sixth Rank Demon Beast. 

Plotline Edit

He was fighting Black Water Dragon without help of his Star General but he was ineattantive handling it. An Suwen gave him Compose Behavior Pill and he from appreciation didn't want to fight Su Xing and even gave him Lifeless Jade.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Reason why Yan Wudao has Late Galaxy Stage cultivation only three years after beginning of Star Duels is that Yan Wudao has Heavenly Spirit Grade Token, and it was several months after the Star Duels began that he obtained it.[3]


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