He was a great tool refinement scholar from Four Styles School. Su Xing took the identity of his disciple to enter the Four Styles School.His legacy was found by Shi Yuan found his legacy and gave it to Su Xing when he was searching for a sect to enroll.

History Edit

Yuchi Qingshan was the Four Styles School’s finest tool refinement scholar. His temper somewhat reclusive, he spent all year round cultivating. The Headmaster as well as Elder Four Styles both deeply revered him. The magic weapons Yuchi Qingshan’s ‘Heaven Clinging Divine Fire’ forged could be matched only by Ju Yueke’s ‘Heavenly Water Heart Flame. Reportedly, when Yuchi Qingshan wanted to leave the island to seek a disciple, the Ancestral Masters within the school were very opposed.[1]

Yuchi Qingshan left seclusion to find an apprentice with the roots of intelligence. Ever since the Champion Nine Dragons collapsed, the Four Styles School was cut off from the rest of the world. Generally, to accept an apprentice, seniors would leave seclusion of their own accord and wander the four seas, seeking opportunity, and they did not know why such a great tool refinement scholar would perish within an ancient tomb.[2]


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