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Biluo loathes fickle men. He brings along that many beautiful women at his side. Biluo loathes to death and truly wishes to use a stone to crush him to death.
Zhang Biluo to Yan Wudao about Su Xing[1]

Zhang Biluo is 16th ranked Star Maiden.


A young woman. Her eyes were limpid, with natural good looks, wearing a blue Smoky Emerald Vest, a green pleated skirt that scattered flowers and mist. Her shoulders were draped with a light blue shade of a blue water thin smoke muslin, and her hair was in a bun with a Dragon and Phoenix Hairpin jutting into it.[2]




She encounters Su Xing and his party after they help her master who they believe to be close to death. It is mentioned she alone beat a sixth rank Demon Beast. She participated in the Purple Star Grade Birth Outline event. She is one of the Star Maidens that attempts to kill Su Xing after he steals the Heaven Tearing Dragon but ultimately fails to.