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Liang Huizong

Zhao Hanyan's father. Liang Huizong seems to think highly of Zhao Hanyan.

Zhao Heng

Zhao Cheng


Dong Junqing

Zhao Hanyan's Star General. She is very close to her. They are intimate with each other.

Su Xing

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan orginally meet each other when Su Xing accidently sees Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing being intimate with one another in the Purple Star Path Diving Star Platform. After being discovered, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing begin a Star Maid Battle with Su Xing and his Maidens. The fight is put on hiatus after dangerous creatures appear in the Platform. Sometime later, Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing are taken away from their respective maid generals by a Green-feather Eagle demon who plans to use them as food for its offspring.

Managing to run away from the quick demon, they hide in a place where they are soon being covered by guano. While spending time here, Su Xing continously teases Zhao Hanyan and embraces her to help each other avoid the guano. To avoid being suffocated to death by the guano they use an Intertwined Branch Sword to leave the area. Due to an an unexpected pact made by Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan on the Intertwined Branch Sword, they are no longer to kill each other, forming a pseudo-marriage pact with one another.

After ditching Su Xing and his Star Maidens, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing leave the Platform and return home. When they, again, start being intimate, Zhao Hanyan realizes she is not as excitable. Zhao Hanyan begins thinking about thinking the masculine scent that came Su Xing’s embrace. She thinks, "It was a firm boldness that was a sharp contrast to Dong Junqing’s gentle and lovely charm." Her heart skips a beat.