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You Earthly Stars are supposed to be used as cannon fodder. Star Fall earlier, Star Fall later, what difference is there. This Palace advises you two had better obediently wait with your hands tied, so as to avoid dying painfully.
Zhao Heng to Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin[1]

Zhao Heng is Crown Prince of the Great Liang Dynasty and younger brother of Zhao Hanyan.


He attempts to kill Su Xing after he steals the Heaven Tearing Dragon from the elders of the the Ten Great Sects. After Su Xing kills Han Qing and Su Feng, he runs away.

He and Suo Qingshuang are seen toying with Tuoba Yan and Deng Ronxin. They are interrupted by Su Xing and Lin Yingmei. They escape during the battle they have against them.

He is killed sometime later in the story.   



  • He has Heavenly Grade Jade Pendant and used it one time to get away from Purple Jade Platform.[2]