Zheng Yanran is 74th ranked Star Maiden.

The Fair Skinned Gentleman in the original hundred and eight was of the category whose martial force could be neglected, but it seemed she was abnormally powerful this Star Duel. Not only was her Star Weapon Three Star, her realm was also approaching Ten Thousand Techniques. As far as rankings for the Earthly Stars ranked seventy and above, they could count as commendable. Su Xing thought so as well, for legend said that although each generation of Star Duels had their own foundations, the Star Maidens of each generation’s Star Duels were all the same in possessing different talents.

An unknown Earthly Star with preeminent martial force appearing in the hundred and eight was not impossible. If this was all according to rankings, then from a martial force perspective, these Star Duels completely were under the rule of a few people.[1]

Personality Edit

Her appearance was frivolous but inside her bones actually was a type of innate arrogance.

Appearance Edit

An elegant and supple young maiden of budding beauty. That girl was approximately fifteen or sixteen years old. Her figure was exquisite, her hair white as snow. She wore a large sleeved ash gray hanfu,and those sleeves were embroidered with golden chrysanthemums blooming in the clouds. Barefooted, those eyes swirled and twinkled. The girl appeared to be considerably charming, but her cultivation was not high, at only Nebula Late Stage.[2]

Birth Treasure Outline Status Edit

Chapter 205

Star Position: Different Star

Star Name: Zheng Tianshou

Nickname: Fair Skinned Gentleman

True Name: Zheng Yanran

Rank: Seventy-fourth

Star Weapon: Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow (Three Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Sixth Stage

Innate Skill: Pretty

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Ice Breaker Snow Slicer

Dark Rank Special Skill: Saber Draw Water Cutter

Current Status: Contractor (Fang Xin’gu)

Detailed Materials: …


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