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Zhu Manxiang is 12th ranked Star Maiden.


A woman with a mature sex appeal like a fruit., with extremely gorgeous purple hair, a pair of amber eyes. When her brows creased, she was filled with a sharpness. When she smiled, she brimmed with maternal love. She was draped in a magnificent robe, and what was alluring was that she did not wear a bellyband. She had just a red armor belly band as protection with her snow white skin laid bare. Her slender thighs were covered with purple stockings and red shorts. Su Xing estimated that chest to be a 37D at the minimum, truly violently surging waves not just in name, but also in reality.

Her whole body emitted a perfume-like fragrance, and that aroma floated a hundred meters.[1]


She is very gentle towards Sakura, acting like her mother.


Su Xing met her in Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom when he saved her master Chise Sakura from attack of Ghost Cultivators.[1]

She gives Ice Kite Artic Jade to Lin Yingmei to return the favor made by Su Xing.

The second time she met Su Xing was as rivals as her master Chise Sakura was controlled by Ghost Cavalry King who killed her later. When she saw her master was dead, she launched her Earthly Rank Technique on Su Xing but was stopped by Wu Siyou. As a sort of apology she left her Five Star Destined Weapon to Su Xing.


  • Star Generals that did not want to expose their identities often would conceal their symbolic Star Weapons, but some would conceal with the effects of their tools, like Manxiang, who had forged the “Wind Concealment Divine Stone” into her weapon. This could hide the weapon’s shape, and the edges of the wind could even make the weapon’s attacks even sharper.However, it had a cost. In all other aspects, the Star Weapon would greatly lose power.But judging from the glittering Stars in the wind, this Star Weapon was shockingly Two Star.[1]