Zou Qi is 90th ranked Star Maiden.

Appearance Edit

Red-haired girl currently holding a flaming axe and a youth were practicing drills. She wore a split short skirt, and a little golden bell was fixed upon the skirt’s knot. Her tube top was a later of blue plates, and her expression was clean. The hatchet she waved stirred up a wind.[1]

Personality Edit

Proud and arrogant.

Birth Treasure Outline Status Edit

Chapter 243

Star Position: Short Star Star Name: Zou Yuan Nickname: Forest Emerging Dragon True Name: Zou Qi Rank: Ninetieth Star Weapon: Wind Slashing Dragon Fang (Three Star) Star Beast: ???? (? Rank) Realm: Thousand Militaries Eighth Stage Innate Skill: Realm Promotion In The Mountain Forest6 Five Elements: Wood Yellow Rank Special Skill: Wind Slaying Slash7 Dark Rank Special Skill: Dragon Hidden In Pool8 Current Status: Contractor/Liu Shan

Detailed Information: Current Environment, Realm Promoted Four Stages (Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage)


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